Friday, June 24, 2016

Quickies: This Was Easy To Foresee

     The man who promised to “fundamentally transform” America isn’t about to let the courts stop him:

     President Obama said most illegal immigrants still won’t be deported, even after the Supreme Court’s tie ruling Thursday upheld an injunction on his broader deportation amnesty.

     Mr. Obama rushed to assure illegal immigrants with ties to the U.S. that they are “low priorities,” even though they will not be able to get the work permits and taxpayer benefits his “deferred action” program had promised.

     Imagine that. A “president” demonstrably contemptuous of his adversaries, the Constitution, and the rule of law has decided that the judicial outcome is less important than his priorities. He simply has to “have it his way,” as if the Oval Office were a Burger King.

     This morning, anyone who ever voted for this man, praised his intelligence, or cited his legal acumen as a reason to support him should hang his head in shame. Speaking of hanging, there are an awful lot of undecorated lampposts in the District of Columbia.


Anonymous said...

Lamp post thing sounds good to me. Long overdue, if I may say so.

gwynn romano said...

The lamp post might be too good for some of our "leaders."