Thursday, June 23, 2016

Quickies: This Idea Must Be Vigorously Opposed!

     This woman wants to make it harder to see boobs! Anti-boob propaganda is fundamentally anti-technological and anti-American. I mean, would we have near-universal broadband Internet access and cheap 2 Terabyte hard disks if this woman had her way?

     What nonsense, that boob scarcity somehow drives inventiveness! The entire electronics industry depends upon the demand for boobs. If it weren’t for men’s fascination with the female bosom, we’d probably all be running DOS 8.3.

     We must organize at once! No effort may be spared to defeat this pernicious new anti-boob ideology. Think of the bra makers. Think of the bikini developers. Think of the children! Oh, never mind the kiddies; think of all the people in Adult Nursing Relationships who’d suddenly become disenfranchised (not to mention quite a bit hungrier).

     This shall not pass! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me boobs or...wait a moment, I mean: They can have my boobs when they pry them...uh, just a sec...oh, never mind.


  1. Hold on a minute! Any assertion that sex has ever been "free", as does the linked article, lacks a connection to reality.

  2. I like boobs, join me as a charter member of this "pro-boob" coalition. Down with left-boob antidemocratic commies.

  3. Cederq, I would venture to guess that most of those who don't like boobs are women who don't have 'em...whether by accident or artifice.

  4. It's easy to see boobs. Just turn on CSPAN and look at Congress...


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