Sunday, June 12, 2016

Cover Image Needed

     My habitual (and wonderful) cover designer, Donna Casey, is mired in a severe illness. I hope she’ll be well soon, but in the meanwhile I need a cover for a short novel – about 40,000 words – that will be complete in about three weeks. Here are the requirements:

  • Ebook only; no print version is contemplated at this time.
  • Cover image must be 6” by 9” (portrait orientation), 300 dpi.
  • Must meet Amazon and Barnes & Noble image standards.
  • Subject matter is an unusual love story, details on request.
  • Composition from stock images is acceptable, but not cartoonery.

     If you’re a cover designer, are interested, and will be available to start work within the next few weeks, email me at my Yahoo address – fran DOT porretto – to discuss details, money, etc.


Jack Imel said...

Francis,I have got accustomed to a Sunday Torch message on your blogsite, so have been flailing about more than somewhat ...did you neglect it this time? Or maybe that's not a regular feature, and I'm being presumptuous, as I usually am.

Sorry, I can't help with the cover material, as I am in need of similar artistry and craftsmanship. It's a different world out there and I have mostly given up on finding someone that could draw sketches of my mental images.

I'll be looking for your new novel...

Francis W. Porretto said...

The Christian stuff is "as the Spirit moves me," Jack. Yesterday I was apparently too wrapped around things of this world to produce such a piece.

Be not afraid. I probably have another few Sundays in me.

gamegetter II said...

Have you found anyone for your cover art yet?
If not,I can ask my sister-she's a heck of an artist,can draw anything.
gamegetterII@yahoo dot com

Francis W. Porretto said...

I did, Game, a very nice gal in Adelaide, Australia. (Thank God for the Internet.) Thanks for thinking of me.