Saturday, June 18, 2016

Armed Security: A Quickie Tirade

     I’m in a hotel room, typing on a balky old laptop, so please excuse any awkwardnesses in what follows.

     First, a delightful picture from writer Declan Finn:

     Gets the message across, doesn’t it? But let’s add a couple of relevant observations:

  1. Armed security is not a defense but a deterrent.
  2. Very few armed guards are willing to take a bullet for the client.
  3. The assailant will know that his target has armed security and will plan accordingly.
  4. Item #3 makes assassination by bomb much more attractive.
  5. Item #4 produces collateral damage: i.e., the deaths of bystanders and destruction of property.

     I’d avoid people with armed security, if I were you. Don’t attend their rallies. Don’t invite them to your town. And for the love of God, don’t listen to them about gun control.


Mike aka Proof said...

#2 True. But then, letting your client get shot isn't so great for your resume either!

KG said...

Unless the client is named B......never mind.