Saturday, May 13, 2017

All you ever wanted to know about communism.

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Communism lives on, BTW. Merkel, the "ex" communist agitprop specialist in E. Germany now dictates the destructive policies of Germany. And as I point out ad nauseum, Obama started his political career in the living room of two communist terrorist and had as his closest White House adviser a woman whose father, grandfather, and father-in-law were communists.

Blond in the Belly of the Beast has provided a tour de force on the whole communist phenomenon. My only quibble is that it's insufficiently graphic, though I know she was watching the clock lest she try the patience of her viewers.

This passage from The Red Terror recounting what Nilostonsky reported in his book The Blood Intoxication of the Bolsheviks:

The place had formerly been a garage, and then the provincial Che-Ka's main slaughter-house. And the whole of it was coated with blood—blood ankle deep, coagulated with the heat of the atmosphere, and horribly mixed with human brains, chips of skullbone, wisps of hair, and the like. Even the walls were bespattered with blood and similar fragments of brain and scalp, as well as riddled with thousands of bullet holes. In the centre was a drain about a quarter of a metre deep and wide, and about ten metres long. This led to the sanitary system of the neighbouring house, but was choked to the brim with blood. The horrible den contained 127 corpses, but the victims of the previous massacre had been hurriedly buried in the adjacent garden. What struck us most about the corpses was the shattering of their skulls, or the complete flattening out of those skulls, as though the victims had been brained with some such instrument as a heavy block. And there were corpses the heads of which were altogether missing. But in these cases the missing heads cannot possibly have been cut off. They must have been wrenched off.[1]
This doesn't come close to describing the communist horror.

[1] The Red Terror in Russia, Berlin, 1924.

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