Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pearls of expression.

My name is Adam and I’d personally describe myself as a guy with informed opinions which luckily for me, an increasing amount of people want to hear. I have always had these opinions, but years ago before the advent of modern multi-polar media, few people could hear them.

* * * *

According to the ruling elites, mainstream media and the alt-establishment, people like me are ‘Putin Agents’ in spite of the fact that most of us haven’t met President Putin and we’re not ‘agents’ of anything, secret or otherwise.

That being said, ‘Putin Agent’ sounds a bit better than ‘guy with informed opinions’ . . . .[1]

An amusing and sensible article worth your perusal.

This gent echoes my own sentiments that everyone is entitled to my opinion.

Which they are.

[1] "5 steps to becoming a Putin Agent." By Adam, Russia Feed, 5/30/17.

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