Friday, May 12, 2017


     [Context: I’m one of my parish’s Sunday lectors.]

     CSO: Isn’t a lector someone who lectures?
     FWP: No, a lector is someone who reads to an audience. Like the Lector in Eamon O’Shaughnessey’s breakthrough novel.

     CSO: Well, what’s a factotum, then?
     FWP: He’s the guy who sees to it that the lord of the castle’s wishes are carried out. Similar to a castellan.

     CSO: Do you think we need one of those?
     FWP: I’d settle for a majordomo.

     CSO: Nah, the house isn’t that big. Go for a minordomo.
     FWP: Oy!

     Yes, Gentle Reader: These conversations really do take place as transcribed. Often in the shower. But I digress.

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