Monday, May 1, 2017

For The Readers Of Liberty’s Torch

     First, a happy announcement; then, a question of the utmost gravity:

     1. Announcement.

     Hans Schantz’s science fiction techno-thriller The Hidden Truth is available today and tomorrow for only $0.99, which makes it the biggest bargain in high-quality indie fiction since I last gave away Which Art In Hope. Moreover, Hans tells me that the sequel is nearing completion. Treat yourself!

     2. Opinions Badly Needed!

     I really need your help with this one, Gentle Readers. Please take it seriously.

Can a 65-year-old married engineer buy a red Corvette convertible without making a fool of himself?

     Please post your opinions in the comments. Hurry!


  1. Buy the Vette. Or maybe get a Harley. They're fun too. :D


  2. Theoretically, yes... However, in practice, a married gentleman with that much... "worldly experience" has 2 real options in this case:

    Purchase the red corvette and promptly make a fool of himself or;

    Purchase the red corvette and drive in such a pedestrian manner that he might as well have bought a Prius.

    Personally, I'd say "go for it" and not allow myself the burden of caring about what other people thought. If I'm having fun, who cares if I look like a fool?

  3. You only live once.
    Make a big red splash!
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  4. By all means, Buy IT!

    But don't be surprised if it becomes an "Exercise in frustration"

  5. Fran, as you have worked all for life (as did I), and any "entitlement" is what you can financially/responsibly afford, then I'd say you are entitled to own and drive the Vette. Have fun, but (channel your inner engineer) do understand that some models of Corvettes have unfortunate "stable 2" modes, not unlike the Apollo Command Module. Rollovers are not pretty at any age, and selfishly, I want you writing for a long time.

    Have fun. Be careful. Do it.


  6. you only look stupid if you drive slow in the fast lane with it. drive it like you stole it, that be cool.

  7. As I am often fond of stating (and repeatedly re-stating):

    "Growing up doesn't mean you stop acting like a kid. It just means you know when not to."

    Get the car, and enjoy it as a mature adult would. Oh, and post pictures -- I would love to see the grin on your face as you power that beast up!

    (edit of previous post that was incorrectly stated)

  8. Depends what vintage the 'Vette is.

  9. Absolutely. And, like the comment above, drive it like you stole it.

  10. The corvette is awesome and all but there are too many of them. That's what everyone your age buys. May I suggest a 1969 chevy Chevelle, or some other muscle car of the late 60's, early 70's. Finding one in mint condition requires effort. It's not as simple as going down to your local car dealership and letting a salesman help you pick one out. I think the old cars are more impressive, and have way more character. I, myself, personally am much more in awe when I spot a candy apple red 1966 GTO than I could ever be with a 2017 corvette.

    But to answer your question, hell yes! Go for it!

  11. After many sensible vehicles, I bought a White Tiburon (6 speed, fantastic pickup). It's so low-slung, that my husband HATES it - he can't get in and out without contortions.

    However, I just LOVE having a zippy little sports car. Who cares what others think?

  12. Should probably add one caveat: All of the above opinions can be overruled by the CSO. ;)

  13. What Hallofo said. Myself, I'd want a mint '65 T-bird in metallic gold.
    Stay safe

  14. Love it! But isn't the second line supposed to be the one with seven syllables? You were going for haiku, right?

  15. People who would consider you a fool for having a rag-top 'vette fall into two basic categories:
    Teenagers. And their opinion doesn't matter.
    All others can be considered to be jealous of you. A sub-category of this group would be those who are annoyed that you are enjoying yourself. Lots of people think this way. They are the real fools.

    I'm 65.

  16. As someone knocking on the door of 65, I can relate. I would chose either the C5 or C6 generation. Ignore the Z06 option, it rides harshly and will only garner you more moving violations. Also make sure you can climb into and out of the vehicle easily. If it's a chore to get in and out of, the love affair will quickly fade. Cheers and good luck.

  17. If you like it, and you can afford it, buy it.

    I've had a hoot with my souped up Mustang GT, and it's a lot less mannerly and respectable than a 'vette. Always wanted one, and now I'm happy to have it. Who cares if some slob in a Prius thumbs his nose in the air at you.

  18. If it makes you happy and you can afford it by all means do so, BUT you are not going to get a whole lot of use out of it on Long Island. Most of the year the weather will prevent you from taking it on the road, & the roads themselves will wreck the car as well. Seriously picture yourself driving it on the LIE low to the ground, surrounded by SUVs & tractor trailers, while hitting all the pot holes. If you lived in the Southwest or FLA I'd say Hell Yeah, but I live in Long Island and I know what the roads are like.

  19. Go for it. The only thing better is an airplane.

  20. To be honest, there are several ways we can make fools of ourselves, red Corvettes are only one of them - and happen to be one of the most fun. Mine is a Firemist green metallic 1972 LT-1... I may make a fool out of myself, however, I do not care. You shouldn't either. -Grandpa

  21. Nope. Not at all, as long as you can (a) afford it, (b) enjoy it, and (c) drive it with a smile on your face. You've surely earned it.

    Oh, it has to have a standard/manual transmission, otherwise what would be point other than to look like an old fool? (IMNSHO)


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