Thursday, May 11, 2017

Too much swamp gas.

During his visit to Lithuanian on Wednesday, US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said that Russia's military presence in Russia was "destabilizing" the Baltics.[1]
Secretary Mattis thinks that "a nation in the region" evinces a "lack of respect for international law."

Well, let's keep a close eye on that outlaw nation, for sure. Still, for the U.S. to have waged aggressive war against Libya and Syria for quite some time now, replete with our support for (and association with) the scum of the earth in the process, it's pretty rich for Mattis to complain about "someone else" not observing international law.

Syria is not waging war against the U.S. and no authorization from the U.N. has issued for any nation(s) to wage war against the sovereign state of Syria, itself a member of the United Nations. So, maybe it's just me but the principled behavior of the U.S. in observing international law in the Middle East just isn't that visible.

Who knew that Syria was just an overflow rifle range for the occasional use of CG, Ft. Benning, Georgia?

In fact, Her Nikkiness recently announced the Haley Doctrine whereby international law that is an obstacle to U.S. leaders can be subordinated to the requirements of U.S. discretionary war making. It's why the U.S. is "the indispensable nation."

[1] "US Could Deploy Missile Systems to Baltics to Counter Russian 'Build-up' in Russia." By RI Staff, 5/11/17.

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