Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A VERY clever take on recent American politics.

In the weeks immediately following the election, the mainstream media inundated liberals with pronouncements of the advent of an “Age of Darkness” and the “Triumph of White Supremacy” over the beneficent values of Globalism.

Yes, it was pretty much the end of everything. America was facing nothing less than a descent into “racial Orwellianism,” “Zionist anti-Semitism,” and “the bottomless pit of Fascism” itself. Liberals, who by then had dispensed with the safety pins, immediately set about terrorizing their children with visions of the impending holocaust, which would be carried out by the genocidal, racist monsters who had voted for Trump.[1]

This excerpt hardly does it justice. Highly recommended. RTWT.

[1] "2017: The Year of the Headless Liberal Chicken." By CJ Hopkins, Russia Insider, 12/12/17 (links omitted).

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