Sunday, December 3, 2017

Not with the program.

He just isn't.
And I'm past the point of holding my Senators and representatives up to some absurd moral standard, so Republicans can stop with these insufferable circular firing squads anytime one of their own is found out to be doing something underhanded. I've crossed the Rubicon and take a purely tribal stance with my politics. My only question is, "Will this person actively make my life worse over the next two/four/six years?" If not, and they have an R after their name, then they have my vote. The Left can go [frack] themselves, I'll never consider a single candidate from the Democrat party. By my guess we'll all be shooting at each other in another generation anyways.
Comment by The Jomsviking on "Equality Is a Flesh-Eating Bug Destroying the Tories From the Inside." By Toby Guise, Taki's Magazine, 11/6/17.

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