Thursday, December 28, 2017

Obama’s love affair with communists.

I’ve harped on this a lot. Obama had a communist mentor as a youth, hired Van Jones the commie for his White House staff, chose as his closest adviser in the White House a woman with a commie father, father-in-law, and grandfather, and started his political career in the living room of two communist terrorists. Sen. Alice J. Palmer, was Obama’s mentor in Illinois politics, endorsing him as her successor in the Illinois senate. Palmer was “an Executive Board member of the Communist Party USA-dominated U.S. Peace Council from 1983-1985."[1]

Now this from J. Christian Adams in a speech he gave at the Restoration Weekend:

But first the good news. I put at the top of the list the fact that Eric Holder's war on cops is over. It's done. . . . There are so many fanciful, farcical things that are totally true that you can't believe it's actually happening, and [my book] gives you an insight into how nuts some of these people were. For example, when I was at the Justice Department under Obama, they actually hired an organization, Northeastern University, to do police sensitivity training. Now I'm not done with this. One of the consultants working for this organization to do police sensitivity training -- and by the way, they charged you, the taxpayers, a million dollars to produce these materials. One of the women who worked for this organization was Angela Davis. Do you remember this? And of course Angela Davis is [a] communist . . . , but this is the sort of world we lived in under Eric Holder, where federal tax money was moving to an organization, that has as part of its staff Angela Davis, to train police officers. That's the world we've left under President Obama.[2]
If Obama didn't personally set up that training contract, you can be sure he and Eric Holder had a good laugh about it. We aren’t close to knowing the full extent of the communist penetration of the federal government during the Obama years.

On a related matter, I take Obama's studied refusal to salute properly when the national anthem was played as a sure sign of Obama’s primary allegiance. Or his complete lack of any allegiance to America. Take your pick. He did this – refuse to show respect – as a candidate in his first presidential campaign and also as president. Here’s a thought: If in 2017 you won’t show respect for the country when the national anthem is being played, you’re not making a principled statement about a specific problem that needs to be addressed. You’re showing contempt for America itself. You’re showing sympathy for the agenda that Obama had when he too, figuratively, took a knee. An agenda that has the stink of communism on it. Communism, the foulest, most murderous political force in the world. Bar none.

[1]  "Alice Palmer." KeyWiki.
[2] "J. Christian Adams: What's Happening at Justice?" By J. Christian Adams, Front Page Magazine, 12/13/17 (emphasis added; allegation about Davis’s possible criminal culpability omitted).

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