Monday, December 25, 2017

An Amazing Wonderful Christmas

This was a great Christmas. All of the things I am thankful for:

  • I was blessed to be able to travel to Cleveland and PA to visit family and friends.
  • My eldest daughter gave a most thoughtful gift, a session with a photo studio and all the family, including both hard copies and electronic versions
  • Sufficient time with my dear sister-in-law to remember why she is the most wonderful of my extended family - warm, funny, and so thoughtful
  • Fun with the whole family, in some old-fashioned games - The Game of Life and The Oregon Trail card game (GREAT fun!)
  • Seeing It's a Wonderful Life with my husband
  • Managing to spend two days in snow without an accident
  • The snow really is beautiful
  • But - WOW! It's really cold! Not just "South Carolina Cold" but - Cold!
  • I have amazing friends and family, both online and offline
That's all - I am so thankful and blessed by God.

Here's another thoughtful meme.

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One of my favorite pictures is a picture of the Kotel (Western Wall) with the mosque on top... the caption is "You build this (mosque) on top of this (temple mount) and you say *I* am the occupier?"