Wednesday, December 6, 2017

What I've Been Doing

We've been on the road for the funeral of a friend of our youth. About 30 years ago, we began attending the funerals of those in our parents' generation. For a time, we seemed to be donning black nearly every week. Over time, the occurrences slowed.

Now, we are starting to see the end of our generation. Bob was one of the elder ones, He'd already survived a major heart attack a few years back. This time, his heart just wasn't strong enough.

We're doing a lot of talking on this trip, about dreams, plans, and how we can improve our health to take advantage of what opportunities we find. Both of us are woefully out of shape, overweight, creaky joints, poor conditioning. We'll begin dealing with that on our return.

Meanwhile, I link here to article I wrote for Medium about plans for retirement, and how they might - or not - be accomplished.

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