Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Election Day - Why Won't the Sex Charges Affect Moore's Chances?

The answer is simple, but apparently beyond the average Progressive's ability to understand:

Because we don't believe you anymore

That's unfortunate, as there are likely a few women, caught up in the craziness, whose word IS good. Whose story has some relationship to the facts.

But - and here is the thing, now - there is NO WAY FOR US TO KNOW WHICH SIDE OF THE TRUTH THAT PERSON IS ON.

That being the case, we (the Deplorables) have decided to DIS-believe all of the frenzy that is not accompanied by independent, verifiable EVIDENCE.

Which, the yearbook is NOT.

Anecdotes are not.

Tears and drama, such as "He KISSED me - right on the MOUTH!!!!!"


Not impressed.

It's really hard for them to accept our point of view. Every time it's shown that the "scandals" are not affecting the votes, they double-down and bring out EVEN MORE HORRIFYING AND LURID STORIES,


They don't get it - we REALLY don't trust them to come even close to the truth.

So, I'm expecting yet another "Inexplicable Victory", followed by re-hashing of the charges (no proof, however, just - well, to be charitable, it's GOSSIP).

Followed by shaking their heads, putting on their Mantle of Superior Morality (Trademark pending), and vowing to set up even MORE nonprofits dedicated to getting Democrats elected re-educating the populace, from birth to death, in properly accepted Progressive Ideology. Fortunately, Mao, Stalin, Castro, Chavez, and a lot of other Leftists have shown the way.

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Col. B. Bunny said...

If memory serves me, some gal recently complained that a guy raped her and when she went back to his room a couple of weeks later, "he raped me again."

Pretty sure that's what she complained of.