Saturday, October 21, 2017

An Announcement

     From Sunday, 10/23 through Saturday, 10/29, Hans G. Schantz’s SF thriller The Hidden Truth will be on sale at Amazon for only $0.99!

     Here’s my review of it:

     A Geeky Delight!

     A single-threaded plot, simple characterization, YA-ish style (well, that really can’t be helped when your narrator-protagonist is a sixteen-year-old boy) and wrapped around a central conception that would get even the most willing-to-suspend-disbelief conspiracy-theory junkie to say “Oh, come ON!”...even with all the above, “The Hidden Truth” was a surprise, a geeky delight. It tackles – tickles? – all the most sensitive spots in a conspiratorialist’s psyche, and does it in a fashion fully relevant to the eternal question:

     “How the hell did things get this messed up?”

     There will be sequels. I hope so, anyway. However, author Hans Schantz will face still more and greater problems making them believable. At the conclusion of “The Hidden Truth,” the young man at the center of this book proposes to do something rather audacious. He’ll face an opposition that possesses powers and allies I can’t tell you about without spoiling the novel for you. But Schantz made this book work very well, so I’ll repose my confidence in him.

     I do hope the protag finds himself a girl who can shoot comfortably and accurately in a heavier caliber than .22 Long Rifle, though. He’ll need both love and a lethally capable sidekick. Read this book to discover why.

     There’s a sequel, too: A Rambling Wreck, also moderately priced. I recommend them both.


Backwoods Engineer said...

I'm really into this series. Looking forward to the 3rd book!

Linda Fox said...

As a radio operator, I loved the sub-plot that focused on that.

This was a terrific story - entertaining, made me want to buy the next one (I'm saving it for visiting my sister-in-law's house - no internet).

I strongly recommend this.