Tuesday, July 7, 2015


     I swear, you take your eyes of the Web for one BLEEP!ing second...!

     Ah, why complain? Nobody listens.

     1. Courage of Convictions.

     At this point most of the country knows about the homo-fascist jihad being waged against Oregon bakery Sweet Cakes by Melissa. But in the wake of a totalitarian attempt to silence them, Aaron and Melissa Klein have decided to fight back:

     When you have a piece of our cake, we are sure that you will want a second piece. So take a look. Give us a call and we can talk about the cake that is on your mind.

     We here at Sweet Cakes strongly believe that when a man and woman come together to be joined as one, it is truly one of the most special days of their lives, we feel truely honored when we are chosen to do the cake for your special day.

     I added the emphasis, but it belongs there anyway. Bravo!

     2. PC on Parade.

     Donald Trump may be blunt, he may even be abrasive at times, but no one can accuse him of not speaking his mind. His recent comments about the flood of criminals illegally entering the U.S. from the south have been widely condemned by the politically-correct troops as “racism,” in yet another illustration of their ignorance. Dr. Ben Carson has come to Trump’s defense in stirring fashion:

     Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson lamented Monday that the uproar over Donald Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants indicates some people seem more interested in calling out violations of political correctness than discussing the issue of illegal immigration.

     “It’s the P.C. police out in force,” Carson, a former neurosurgeon, said in a Monday interview with The Daily Caller. “They want to make very clear that this is a topic you’re not supposed to bring up.”

     It’s been almost three weeks since Trump, in his speech announcing a run for president, accused illegal immigrants from Mexico of being “rapists” who bring drugs and crime into the country. Since then, Trump has taken heat from rival presidential candidates, companies he has business deals with and members of the media who say his comments were offensive.

     “It will be interesting to see what their reaction is to the shooting in San Francisco,” Carson said of Trump’s critics.

     That’s what I like to see among Republicans -- especially Republican rivals.

     3. Actresses Are Not Hired For Their Intellects.

     Hearken to the esteemed Dr. Helen Smith:

     Eva Longoria is speaking out against Donald Trump....

     “What I don’t think he understands and what people don’t understand is words create emotional poison,” Longoria said. “That’s what they do, they create emotional poison.

     If words are so dangerous, then why is it okay to boy bash, male bash and mentally abuse men in our society? Where is the backlash against these harmful words and actions?

     Never expect the Left or its mouthpieces to let mere arrant inconsistency or illogicality throw them off their talking points.

     4. While We’re On The Subject Of “Race.”

     From the Wall Street Journal via InstaPundit, we have some impressive remarks by former Texas Governor Rick Perry:

     “There is a lot of talk in Washington about inequality. Income inequality. But there is a lot less talk about the inequality that arises from the high cost of everyday life,” Mr. Perry says. “In blue state coastal cities, you have these strict zoning laws, environmental regulations that have prevented builders from expanding the housing supply. And that may be great for the venture capitalist who wants to keep a nice view of San Francisco Bay, but it’s not so great for the single mother working two jobs in order to pay rent and still put food on the table for her kids.”...

     “If we create jobs, incentivize work, keep nonviolent drug offenders out of prison, reform our schools, and reduce the cost of living—we will have done more for African-Americans than the last three Democratic administrations combined.”

     Indeed. Equality is anathema to the Left, no matter what its paid shills might say. Why else would its luminaries segregate themselves in high-ticket all-white communities carefully guarded by highly restrictive zoning laws and building code requirements that demand a pound of flesh to operate a home office or put up a storage shed?

     5. The “Grexit.”

     It’s not an accomplished fact quite yet, but given the “No” vote of yesterday, it does seem foredoomed:

     Where does Greece go from here? Well it seems to me that Alexis Tsipras cannot go on having his cake and eating it. A more prosperous Greece, ran by the Greeks rather than by the EU must surely face up to the reality that a euro exit is both inevitable and desirable in order for a long-term economic recovery to truly begin.

     Mind you, the Telegraph’s editorial policies are to the left of Mao Tse-tung. What they’d rather not have you think about is what George Will said yesterday evening on Special Report with Bret Baier:

     “Greece...is an interesting phenomenon. It’s a defiant beggar...a defiant, vituperative beggar. It says to the creditors, ‘You’re neofascists,’ ‘You’re waterboarding us,’ ‘You’re terribly cruel,’ and ‘Give us more money with fewer strings attached to it.’ I don’t think that’s selling well.”

     Yet another case of plain speaking against the will of the Left. The Left has a long history of reacting badly to that sort of thing. I hope George Will has good personal security.

     6. No, It’s Not Going Well.

     It’s only been a few days, but I must say that I never expected real estate agents to be so laid back about showing houses for sale in an economy such as this one. Three of them have already blown off appointments with us. Does anyone have any similar experiences to discuss?

     That’s all for today, Gentle Reader. Be well!


Chief said...

As for real estate, you might want to go to HGTV and get on one of those housing shows. Seems to be the only place where houses are sold. However, be prepared for sticker shock.

On a lighter note, I will have all of our debt, i.e. credit cards paid off by the end of this year. Very liberating to see money stay in the bank and not flowing out of the bank. Good luck Greece.


Adrienne said...

A goodly number of real estate agents are in the business because they couldn't find other jobs. It casts a bad light on those who take their profession seriously.

Scott said...

"An economy such as this one"?

I don't know how it is where you are looking, but down here it is a most insane seller's market. We've bought 7 houses from my agent over the last 3-4 years, will write checks on the spot & sign practically anything, and we can't get people's attention.

In this kind of market, it seems to me that agents are looking for one of 2 kinds of people -- big spenders (who will buy a really high dollar house -- larger commission per sale) and aggressive idiots (who will bid -- preferrably overbid -- on the first house they see). It's a question of the agent's time/money. If you put out the vibe that you are conservative/intelligent, they won't be very interested.

But then, I don't know the market you are in. But my guess is if that's really the case, the bright side is you'll have an easy time selling your own house.

Scott said...
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Scott said...
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daniel_day said...

A friend of mine is a real estate agent in Portland OR. There's a lot of people buying homes here now and property values have gone up. Just a data point. Somehow I don't picture you moving to a metropolitan region on the Left Coast.