Friday, July 17, 2015

Quickies: One Media Or Two?

     I normally let the CSO have the remote control as soon as Special Report with Bret Baier has ended, so I don’t learn about interesting events on later Fox News shows, if any, until someone else writes about then on subsequent days. However, according to Andrea Shea King, during a recent O’Reilly Factor show Bill O’Reilly was unable to get his guests even to speculate about Barack Hussein Obama’s reasons for not being explicit about Islamic terrorism. As two of those guests were Mick Huckabee and Donald Trump, this struck me as simultaneously newsworthy and readily explainable.

     First, name those easily identified public figures who are willing to say anything critical about Islam, with particular emphasis on its all too obvious connection to terrorism. Do your best. Now answer the following questions:

  • Which of these public figures travels openly?
  • Which of them take care to let their home addresses secret?
  • Which of them are ever seen in public without armed bodyguards?

     Even public figures who steadfastly refuse to speak of Islam in connection with terrorism tend to pander to Muslims whenever the subject arises. They have good reasons. There are some 3 million Muslims in America at this time. A substantial fraction of them will tell pollsters openly that they support the aims of the worldwide jihad. More, America’s intelligence agencies are certain that ISIS has representatives in all fifty of these United States. Can you think of anything that would gladden ISIS hearts as much as the public assassination of a well known American -- any well known American?

     This points up one of the clear distinctions between the conventional or “mainstream” media and the “alternative” media such as the Blogosphere. There are many – not all – on the alternative side who are much more willing to discuss things that might result in danger or harm to themselves. The proof is that some of them have been “SWATted” but have refused to be cowed. That characteristic once made the careers of true reporters – the intrepid sort that once appeared in popular fiction as heroes.

     I shan’t minimize the risk to oneself for daring to speak the truth about Islam. It’s a totalitarian cult that openly urges its adherents to go on jihad; read the Qur’an if you doubt me. But the risk is proportional to the importance of candor about this ideological enemy of freedom. If we refuse to speak publicly and plainly about a cult whose adherents shout “Death to America” and bear huge banners that read:

Behead Those Who Insult Islam


Freedom Go To HELL

     ...what are we willing to speak candidly about?

     Think about it.

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