Friday, July 3, 2015

Attention to the basics.

The evils of capitalism do not prove socialism to be good . . . .[1]
That's just simple logic. If you're unhappy with your wife, that luscious babe at the gym is not necessarily a solution to that problem. As one astute fellow observed, no matter how fantastic some woman may look on the street, there's bound to be some other guy somewhere who's got to put up with her b******t.

Consider that a metaphor for how socialism works out in practice even though the write-up is great.

Ok. . . .

We have to be wary of the modern use of the term "capitalism," of course. What passes for "capitalism" now is a bastardized version of its former self with heavy regulation of business, the Marxist goal of progressive taxation deeply embedded in our economic life, heavy taxation, wage regulation stupidity, and even hostility to enterprise.

Mr. Neal correctly points out that we have, in short, a "corporate-backed synthesis of capitalism and socialism" and that it is "the dominant power in the world." And it isn't capitalism.

CONSEQUENTLY, if aspects of modern American life distress you, Pilgrim, is your hostility something that should be directed at "capitalism," or is it massive state intervention that is interfering with your life?

We're here to help.
Genuine capitalists don't go around obsessing about what new way they can find to require you to live in the "proper," correct, government-approved way. They obsess about finding new ways to create or deliver products and services to you at prices that are lower than those of other such people who are also investing their scare resource and taking substantial risks to do the same thing. Tomorrow morning, at 0300 hrs. in Haver, Montana, or Culpepper, Virginia, some convenience store clerks will be stocking shelves or sitting around in the off chance you will come into that store because you need gas or a chili dog.

Who then, may I suggest you ask, are these interfering pricks who think they know (1) how you should live your life and (2) how your hard-earned money should be spent? What exactly are they doing to make your life easier? We can be thankful for how beautiful, educated, and compassionate they are. Of course. But other than that signal contribution to your life, what exactly do they do that improves it?

[1] "The Canadian Jeremiad On Its Golden Jubilee." By Gerry T. Neal, Throne, Alter, Liberty, 7/1/15.

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