Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Charity oblivious to reality.

In 1970, [George] Price, a sworn atheist like most Darwinians, had a religious experience. He became obsessed with the New Testament and decided to follow Jesus. He opened his house to the homeless and, to help them, gave away most of his possessions. What he didn’t give away, they stole as he was watching. Finally, he was evicted from his rented place. In 1975, the 53 year old Price – homeless, destitute and ill – committed suicide.[1]
Shariah -- just a matter or time, bitches.
Giving away your country to foreigners who are coming there because you are a pathetic fool with assets (law, civility, Christian heritage, wealth from free markets, rationalism) but not a lick of sense places you in the company of George Price.

Price was obsessed with charity; modern-day fools with compassion and multiculturalism. The result is the same. An irrational and fatal hemorrhaging of one's life substance, despair, and then suicide.

As Robert Louis Stevenson ominously observed, "Everybody, soon or late, sits down to a banquet of consequences."

We all ought to have that warning on speed dial.

[1] "The Bee and the Lamb." (Part 2.) By Takuan Seiyo, New English Review, December 2011.

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