Saturday, July 11, 2015

Silly Greeks.

So how is what's going on in Greece relevant to America? As a warning.

The United States isn't in Greece's position, at least not yet. But we're traveling on the same road...just give us time. Right now, our debt to GDP ratio is 101% and increasing. Growth is stagnant, in spite of the fairy tales being spun in Washington. Moreover, we also have a metastasizing government, and billions in unfunded social welfare mandates and pension obligations...and to the aggravate the situation, the Obama Administration no longer enforces our borders and is allowing millions of people to come here and stay illegally to add to those unfunded, budget busting social welfare mandates. As Europe has discovered, the majority of these migrants will be tax dollar recipients rather than tax paying contributors.

Like Greece, we also have a government that likewise strangles entrepreneurship with high taxation, arcane and costly regulations, red tape and diktats.

"Greece's New Trojan Horse, And What It Means To America." By Rob Miller, Joshua Pundit, 7/7/15.

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