Saturday, July 4, 2015

Some thoughts on our Nation on this national holiday.

As Kent Masterson Brown . . . suggests, the meaning of the Constitution in respect of the relationship between the central government and the states is so extravagantly clear that neither intellectual density nor even incompetence can explain how the compact theory [Madison, Jefferson] was gradually overwhelmed and defeated by the nationalist one [Hamilton, Webster, Lincoln]. It was raw mental and political will that did the trick, abetted by intellectual dishonesty, demagoguery, and sheer mendacity.[1]
Please keep this in mind while you contemplate the raw mental and political will, dishonesty, demagoguery, and sheer mendacity underlying the Supreme Court's two recent decisions on homosexual marriage and Obamacare.

In them, the Court (1) "found" the constitutional right for homosexuals to marry which had inadvertently not been mentioned in the original (but now dead) Constitution and (2) engaged in legal contortions on a straightforward matter of statutory construction that would make an Indian fakir turn pale were he to contemplate a similar maneuver to lick the boots of the progressives and commies on the issue of socialized medicine. These are the consummate legal scholars upon whom we depend to stand guard against attacks upon our constitutional order but their agenda was an agenda of betrayal of that order.

What there is to celebrate on this Fourth of July isn't clear to me. Perhaps the showers of light that will materialize across the nation tonight can be seen as the symbol of a fire in us common folk that has not died.

[1] "The Long March Through the Constitution." By Chilton Williamson Jr., Chronicles, 5/1/14 (brackets in the original).

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