Thursday, July 16, 2015

Quickies: The Deal And The Future

     Everyone and his halfwit cousin Harley has expressed an opinion of some sort about the “deal” with Iran, so I suppose it’s my turn.

     I haven’t read the proposed agreement, but sometimes you can reconstruct an object accurately merely by studying the shadows it casts. That’s what I’m about to attempt here.

     I’m inclined to believe what I’ve read and heard about the deal from other Rightward commentators. Add to that my knowledge of Barack Hussein Obama’s inclinations and past behavior, particularly toward the Islamic world and the state of Israel. Add to that the participation and adulation of the scrofulous John Kerry. Add to that the jubilation of the Iranian mullahs. Finally we have the apparent willingness of Senate Democrats to express doubts about whether the deal serves American interests. Oh, I don’t doubt that they’ll vote to approve it – the Corker legislation will grant them freedom from responsibility – but merely expressing doubt of the pact where others can hear puts them in danger of The Won’s disapproval, which recent events have proved a fearsome thing indeed. (Consider: to have a chance of being elected president, Hillary Clinton must run against Obama’s policies, yet she’s clearly afraid to do so.)

     Ergo, it’s a bad deal. It probably guarantees a North Korean denouement. It has certainly frightened the Israelis, who probably know more about the details than anyone in the U.S. Senate. Iran will get The Bomb, other regional states will pursue it in response, and Israel will need to decide whether to strike first or live in fear of nuclear annihilation by an Islamic neighbor.

     Consequences for the United States? There will be a few. I doubt that one of them will be a nuclear explosion on American soil; Iran’s mullahocracy is too focused on becoming regionally dominant and destroying Israel. Thus, if they develop The Bomb and decide to use it, their first target will be the Jewish state. Hopefully either Israel will have dealt with the problem for us, or by then we’ll have an executive administration that puts American lives, property, and interests above all other considerations.

     One consequence we cannot avert will be the complete loss of faith in America as an ally and the guarantor of global stability. A nuclearized Iran will endanger Europe, the Middle East, and western Asia. NATO cannot endure many more betrayals, and our relations with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and India are already tottering. The geopolitical axes will be reoriented toward those powers that have exhibited strength and resolve. The secondary consequences for American foreign relations and trade cannot be accurately gauged beforehand.

     If Obama is to have a legacy of any sort – here I’m assuming that he’s not impeached, convicted, and shamed into solitary disgrace between now and January 20, 2017, as he so richly deserves – this will be the largest facet thereof. This is what we have earned by promoting skin color and glamor above patriotism, wisdom, and competence.

     Yes, it’s one of the reasons I’m strongly considering relocating away from The Big Target Apple. Are you really surprised?


Backwoods Engineer said...

Fran-- please do get away from The Big Target, er, Apple. Relocate to the South. We will need intellects like you, to rebuild civilization after the civil war is over.

WalkingHorse said...

There are far more hospitable venues in which to ride out the Coming Madness.

JC said...

scrofulous? I had to look it up... :)

Joseph said...

One obvious possible effect of Iran with nukes: An intensified terrorist campaign with fewer worries that Israel will hit back.