Friday, July 8, 2016

Bill Warner on Islam.

No one can be confused about the true nature of Islam after viewing this video:

Well worth your time.

H/t: Gates of Vienna.


Anonymous said...

For those who have paid attention this is nothing new. I applaud the efforts to educate. However, the multicultural bs that has infected us makes education very difficult. I try on a continuous basis to educate those around me. They invariable point to 'but so-and-so is a muslim and a nice person'. They refuse to understand the basics of islam, jihad (it ain't just blowing up people and things), and most importantly taqiyya and kitman. However, we who understand MUST continue to try to educate those who do not yet understand lest their understand arrive as their doom is imminent. Pray for wisdom and patience to help in this endeavor.
Islam is very clear - the very name means 'submission'. It cannot be more clear and unlike many things in this world it does not even hide its intent.
I am fully convinced that the Father of Lies is the allah of islam.

Tim Turner said...

Bunny, thanks posting the link. I've had it for some time and can never convince my friends to even look at it.

For those of you who think 44 minutes is too much time, PLEASE just watch the couple of minutes starting at 11:35. The full video has much more to say than that, but those couple of minutes show you a basic tenet of Islam.


Tim Turner said...

Sorry, P.S. Ideally, if you start at 11:35, go til 21:00. The "fun" part is the time-lapse stuff, But the explanation of what is being portrayed takes up a few minutes after that and is just as important.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Anonymous, I do think Warner's use of the animated map was a brilliant device. People are visual and there's amazing software out there for "eccentrics" whose work will never grace the NYT. I despair of trying to educate anyone but I keep posting blog pieces anyway. A lot of people saying sensible stuff have transformed public debate. Opinion has gradually become more real as people have encountered their own sentiments in the mouths of others. Think Paul Kersey.

I agree about the Father of Lies though I think he is at work in all areas. I am sorry to say that I'm not a man of faith but I do think that if what we see today in the West and the M.E. isn't compelling evidence of the reality of Satan, what exactly would compelling evidence look like?

Col. B. Bunny said...

It's hands down one of the best visual presentations on Islam, esp. the contrast between Islamic military efforts and Christian military efforts during the Crusades. The only rival he has is MEMRI which just lets Islamic morons and zealots speak in their own words.