Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Unguided missiles.

Americans, that is.

At least the nation is not guided by anything resembling rationality. Our political class just can't get enough of "Heal the world," "Transform the world," and "Invade the world."

Yes, we are the indispensable people. The world yearns for our leadership. The key to human happiness is known to us. America is but one nation among many. Global interests must be pursued. American interests are of no consequence in the larger scheme. Our resources know no limits. Let the world contemplate our "exceptionalism."

Outside of the leadership of France, Germany, Sweden, and the E.U., people around the world must think we've lost our minds. Gaddafi's got to go. Assad, too. We know these things. Vladimir Putin is a thug and Russia must be made to back down. From what, it isn't clear. We judge and we judge with unerring accuracy.

Our insufferable arrogance must stimulate white-hot fury, though that of the northern Europeans and the joke known as the E.U. differs but little from our own.

As some wit of something particularly nauseating, "It's enough even to make Rod McKuen throw up." Except the people of Serbia, Iraq, Ukraine, Libya, and Syria, our dead and wounded troops and their the families, and the families of those left to die in Benghazi are the only ones paying the dearest price in wasted and shattered lives for our arrogance.

To internationlists/globalists, Trump's nation-centric program summed up as "America First" is the abyss. It spells "retreat" from global interests and multi-national organizations (more abyss). Their own notions of American interests are collectively, yea, utopianly and even zealously conceived, something a la George W. Bush's. The anti-democratic European Union is their idea of an ally, not the sovereign states attempting to be reborn from it. They seem never to be happier than when some "US-led NATO" action is underway, attempting to create global/U.S.-led utopia, the one that always fails to take root while killing tens of thousands of people along the way. It is this worldview that has in recent years led to thousands of American troops losing their lives and their limbs deep in the Islamic world, but, hey, anything for utopia.[1]
[1] "The PCE, Pt. 25: In the (Russian) Tank for Hillary." By Diana West, 7/25/16.

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