Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Concerning Today’s Announcement By James Comey

     As I’ve said at several other sites today, I used to work in defense engineering. Nearly all of us had security clearances. The process of getting them involved an education in the requirements of the National Security Act. That Act makes anyone with access to classified information personally responsible for it. Whether through malice or negligence, if it escapes from his hands to uncleared hands, then regardless of his intent, he is guilty of a felony violation of federal law.

     The rules for the handling of classified information have grown ever more stringent as time has passed. Even Confidential information, the lowest category, must never be exposed outside its proper environment. Indeed, not even all persons cleared to access Confidential information are allowed to see every item of it; they must have demonstrated need to know the item in question. And so it is through all the levels of classification, from bottom to the very top.

     Comey’s declaration today laid out an airtight case for a massive criminal indictment of Hillary Clinton. Supposedly, she didn’t intend to jeopardize the classified information that reached her private server. But that’s of no moment; negligence alone suffices for the indictment. Indeed, her negligence was so conscious, so brazen, that Comey’s exculpation of her intentions is questionable.

     Yet the FBI will not recommend indicting Hillary Clinton. Why not? It’s been willing enough to indict many other negligent parties – few of whom had access even remotely comparable to Secretary Clinton’s. Moreover, it is now a proven fact that the information on Clinton’s private server did reach unfriendly hands. So not only was she negligent; her negligence has harmed the information security of the United States.

     Had I or any of my colleagues done a tenth of what Clinton has done, even at our lower clearance levels, the offender would spend the rest of his life in a federal prison. But then, none of us were Clintons. Clearly, there is no longer any reason to believe in a Rule of Law in these United States.

     The FBI has long had as its motto “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity.” It’s time to retire that slogan in favor of something a bit less committal and more honest.


Anonymous said...

Clinton walks

There is no rule of law.....no equal protection under the law.

The Republic is dead, and we owe them nothing


Bob Parish said...

Comey is either corrupt or a coward. Either way he is disqualified to make these decisions.

Unknown said...

Clearly and concisely stated, Francis. The Rule of Law they have flaunted since Whitewater (and before) has never been doubted or escaped detection even of the most mind-numbed of the 'individual' voter; but it seems that for many of them that only made the Clintons more attractive, like a badge of honor. I don't understand how it happened.

Unknown said...

As for Comey, just your average political deceiver. He knew four months ago she would walk on this one.

Anonymous said...

On the bright side... those convicted now have the FBI director on tape saying these are not indictable offenses let alone criminal. I see grounds for many appeals to have convictions vacated.

Yet again the law does not say what the law says. When the rule of law is no more.. well, lets say things can get dicey.

Ominous Cowherd said...

Laws are for little people, not for the ruling class. I think that puts Comey's entire speech in a nutshell.