Friday, July 1, 2016

Good sense on immigration and the usual Trumpigration.

More than any other issue, immigration propels the Trump insurrection. The animus plays out on two levels. As a matter of policy, there is no obvious, compelling reason why controlling the border and resolving the legal status of people already here in violation of our laws must be addressed in a package deal. Why can’t the government prove that it has the commitment and capacity to enforce immigration laws first? Once a functioning immigration system was in place, we could then consider the status of people here illegally without fear that any “path to citizenship” would encourage new waves of illegal immigration.

As a matter of politics, Trump voters are angry that no matter how often or how emphatically the package-deal approach to immigration is rejected, it never seems to be defeated. What part of “No” do the politicians, journalists, and activists who set the national agenda not understand?[1]

Let's try this.
Mr. Voegli's article is top notch. I've inveighed against the stupidity of forever crying out for "comprehensive immigration reform" while refusing to take any number of simple interim steps. I can go to a department store to buy socks without buying laundry soap, a washer, a drier, a sewing machine, and a chest of drawers as part of a "comprehensive foot care package." But the morons/demons who run things at the federal level won't seal the border until Julio, Abdul, Nbongo, Babu, and Deepak either get into Stanford Medical School or are appointed to senior positions in DHS.

However, Voegli's version of the insanity of the present holy elite approach is one of the better ones, no lie.

It's a pity that he had to repeat the usual bushwah about Donald Trump's being "disreputable," "irresponsible," and a "showman." Did Trump really step out of a Mario Puzo novel or spend time in his teens learning to tap dance or do magic tricks?

Apparently, even sensible people like Voegli don't have the generosity of spirit to acknowledge the man's enormous accomplishments and talents and prefer to treat him as though he's some kind of WWII German mine cast up on a Long Island beach by a strange coincidence of soaring world temperatures, current, wind, wave, tide, rusted-through anchor chains, and long-ago Admiral Donetz strategic scheming.

Deuced odd, I say. How did that get here?

If someone presents as an outsider who was never involved in politics in his life, this is apparently something that educated brains can't handle. Not a professional politicians? Well, then it must be an alien life form.

Hillary Rodham has a far better claim to the label of low character from her cattle future bribe taking, disgraceful persecution of Billy Dale in the White House Travel Office, and blatant lying about the cause of the jihadi attacks on our America compatriots in Benghazi and her deleted emails. Yet, this scheming witch slides through the Democrat nomination process like she's Julie Andrews. Trump's the one who captures top billing as some kind of oddity who eats peas off of his knife and fondles the waitress at Waffle House.

I don't get it, but thankfully a boatload of voters don't give a tinker's dam about the attacks.

Trump 2016!

[1] "The Reason I’m Anti-Anti-Trump." By William Voegeli, Claremont Review of Books, 12/28/15 (link removed).

Correction (7/1/16):
I realized that the text of Mr. Voegli's I quoted clearly indicates he is on board with the "path to citizenship" and the idea that if you make it to the U.S. as an illegal you're home free; Americans have then only to "consider your status" which process will not include deportation. He means, clearly, that we shouldn't be providing that "path" while the border is still open. I regret appearing to approve of any "path to citizenship." I don't. Illegals, regardless of how many anchor babies they produced or years of residence have no rights to anything and must be deported to the last man. If they want their families to stay together, they can take their citizen children with them.

I still like what he says about the obtuseness of the elites in forever plugging "comprehensive immigration reform" when all it is is a subtrefuge for inaction on sealing the border. (One must be careful to talk in terms of sealing the border lest "control" of the border be used as a weasel word to allow for less than sealing it off but good.)

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