Friday, July 22, 2016

Pearls of expression.

This gave birth to “Black Lives Matter”, which started as a banal cliché and then grew into a radical protest movement. The movement is founded upon the idea that the United States of the present day is a white supremacist country in which black lives are devalued and the police, the agents of white supremacism, systematically target blacks with violence causing a disproportionate number of black deaths. This idea is, of course, completely contra factual, although every smug, snarky, self-assured, progressive on the planet seems to be convinced of its truth.
At the beginning of his presidency, Obama’s administration asked for a national conversation on race, and at the end of it, what he has given America is a race war. This will be all that history will remember him for.
"Obama's Legacy." By Gerry T. Neal, Throne, Altar, Liberty, 7/20/16.


Anonymous said...

"most transparent administration ever". "healing America's racial divide". ...and "dreams of my father". This administration will be judged by whoever left still alive to write history, as the most treasonous and bullshit filled ever. Yes, the muslim mulatto in chief is the first "black" president...
but he will also be the 'only' - and the 'last'. Fuck him and his transgendered 'wife', and his "don't look like either parent or each other" "children of convenience."
He sickens me. And he needs to git, before us waycist palefaces take his shit and shove it up his...pie hole.
-Blazing Apostle

Col. B. Bunny said...

It's just been the most extraordinary experience to contemplate on a daily basis what it it is like to have a freak run one of the finest countries in the world. It was evident a long, long time ago which way the wind would blow with this guy. (See embedded image.)