Friday, July 15, 2016

This Day Of Tears And Rage

     By now, everyone with access to a television or an Internet-enabled computer is aware of what happened in Nice, France last night. There’s no point in expounding on the event itself. What matters henceforward will be the reactions of decent persons and the governments to which they claim allegiance.

     But the Nice atrocity is quite literally yesterday’s news. Today is Black Lives Matter’s “Day of Rage,” upon which massively disruptive demonstrations are planned in a host of American cities. Never mind that the killings of black suspects that evoked this most recent outburst have been proved objectively justified. Racialist hucksters have never let such matters interfere with their plans. The movement must keep moving.

     American military personnel have been strongly warned to stay away from the demonstrations and the cities that will suffer them. Given that, the federal response is likely to be nonexistent, regardless of what might eventuate. I have no idea whether state governors will make use of the National Guard in their attempts to keep order and prevent bloodshed. Quite possibly, Barack Hussein Obama will do something to forbid, impede, or prevent that.

     It’s beyond question that this “day of rage” will be a day of danger for those in the affected cities. Along with the danger to proximate human life, there’ll be a danger to property on a scale comparable to the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore. And let it never be forgotten that when wealth is destroyed, lives are destroyed along with it.

     Is there a reporter, anywhere in these United States, brave enough to corner a few of the organizers of these “protests” and ask a few hard questions? I have a few I’d like to hear put to them:

  • What’s your objective? What, specifically, do you hope to get out of this?
  • Do you regard the police as enemies? Would you prefer that your neighborhoods not be policed?
  • To whom do you answer? Who provides you with funds and marching orders?
  • What’s your opinion of the BLM marchers who’ve called for dead cops?
  • And exactly what do you think about what happened yesterday in Nice?

     Of course, it would be best to be heavily armed and armored when posing any of those questions. But those requirements are not insuperable.

     The state of interracial, inter-ethnic, and inter-sectarian tension today is beyond what anyone would have expected immediately after the election of Barack Hussein Obama. Indeed, a great part of the reason so many Americans voted for Obama was the hope that putting a mulatto of diverse background and associations into the White House might help to relax such tensions. Those hopes have been bitterly dashed.

     It doesn’t help that Obama and his lieutenants have been such ardent practitioners of the politics of division. However, what’s been even worse for the country is the general flaccidity governments – federal, state, and local – have exhibited in response to the associated violence. It’s fairly easy to imagine the strategists of movements such as Black Lives Matter, Aztlan, and so forth saying to one another, “It worked once. Why not try it again – and maybe bigger?”

     Violence, be it remembered, is a means to an end, a technique the aggressor hopes will get him something he wants. It will be employed wherever and whenever the probable gains outweigh the probable penalties. When it succeeds, it will spawn repetitions and evoke emulations. This is exactly what’s happened these past few years.

     The worldwide Islamic militancy of our time might be the conceptual genesis of all of it. Militant Muslims, whether inclined to violence or merely willing to agitate, have reaped tremendous gains for their agenda. Make no mistake; that agenda is available to anyone who cares to see it. It’s down in black and white in the Qur’an. In light of their many visible successes, why wouldn’t organizations such as Black Lives Matter seek to emulate them?

     Add to this that the current executive administration simply refuses to allow that Islam itself is the genesis of Muslim violence. Add the penetration of the federal government by Muslims known to be hostile to the Constitution and affiliated with organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood. Add the incredible foolhardiness of European governments in admitting ever larger swarms of young Muslim men to their nations. Add the incomprehensible behavior of Christian schools accepting Muslim students and Christian religious leaders pleading with their congregations to accommodate Muslims. Add that after (and despite) all these things, Islam-powered violence accelerates.

     These are not difficult dots to connect.

     The most tragic thing about all the appeasment and refusal to react against outbreaks of violence is that it builds the head of steam behind them. The violence increases: it becomes more frequent and more widespread, reaps more lives, and destroys more property. The ultimate reaction, when We the Beleaguered decide we’ve finally had enough, could be Biblical in scale.

     Never forget that these militant minorities are minorities. They’re more militant than the rest of us at the moment. But then, so was Japan before Pearl Harbor.

     Keep your eyes open today. If you’re in one of the danger zones, do everything possible to minimize your exposure to risk. If you’re not, pay close attention to developments. Keep an ear cocked to an all-news radio station you know to be reliable about immediate events.

     One may hammer blows upon a rock in confidence that sooner or later it will split open, but one never knows which blow will do it. More, one never knows how big the shards will be or in which directions they’ll fly. Protective clothing, gloves, and goggles are always wise.

     Be prepared, and be watchful.

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Anonymous said...

Our current 'leaders' are making Neville Chamberlain proud.
BTW.. where are all the calls for regulating 'assault trucks'?