Saturday, July 9, 2016

Cliff Notes version of recent U.S. history.

We have been connecting dots. . . .

We are talking about the line that runs from the post-1971 money system to the Deep State, passing through the spectacular rise of China… the spectacular fall of the U.S. (where the average man has made no financial progress in the last 40 years)… to the remarkable luck of the 1% (who got richer and richer, as most people around them lost ground).

Yes, the line ties together the great kvetches of our time: inequality… stagnation… alienation… globalization… debt… the failure of the economy… the failure of democracy… and the failure of our own culture.[1]

Supposedly out top guys and girls did this. I don't know about you but I can just never get enough of the best and the brightest. As a witty speaker at an AA meeting said after recounting the complete disaster that his life had been as an active alcoholic, "And my best thinking got me there." Team America has really done a magnificent job of fouling the nest.

Mr. Bonner didn't speak of (1) immigration madness and (2) cowardice and prevarication in the face of the Islamic danger. These could come under the heading of "failure of our own culture" but he didn't say. An odd omission.

I'm not on Bonner's case here as I don't know that he's squishy on these topics. I'm just making the point that if you're capable of saying insightful things about the current crisis, it's odd not to mention these two existential threats. Still and all, I wasn't there when he was facing a blank screen. However, we all need to stay focused on all the threats out there. Like that Roman guy always on about destroying Carthage.

[1] "Weekend Edition: Planet Debt." By Bill Bonner, Casey Daily Dispatch, 7/9/16.

(Edited for clarity 7/9/16.)

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