Saturday, May 13, 2017

Frivolous Decisions Dept.

     I make all my impulse purchases on a Friday:

     Now I need a name for her. Suggestions?


  1. Seeing that Fortress of Crankitude is taken (as its not electric it still has a crankshaft!), and presuming you are looking for consistency, I'd recommend something along those lines that only you have the lexicon from which to select the right appellation.

  2. Did you REALLY give into temptation?


    How about Young At Heart.

  3. So let's see, you're middle aged and you just bought a red sports car........Hmmm!

  4. I'd call it Joy. Yer gonna' love it.


  5. Not really a fun name, but "Value Plus" might be a way to go. These C6 cars are pretty reasonable right now and the fact it's a convertible tells me you bought it for a weekend car. Thank G-d you didn't get a Miata and went for some American powaha.

    My buddy is an club racing instructor and pilots a C5 Z06 right now. Best bang for the buck, without all those pesky splody motor issues the C6 Z06 cars have. Here's a vid:

    Enjoy your new toy.

  6. Hm. Based on the naming scheme you've used for previous cars, how about Vette Davis.

  7. Nice car, my friend. A good old American V8 is an experience every red-blooded American ought to have at least once, if he can afford it. Nothing else quite like it.

    Enjoy it!

  8. Lots of comments, yet no name really, other than Vette Davis. (which is great, by the way...) My Firemist green with saddle tan interior, 1971 LT-1 is named "Fascination" (FSNASHN is the plate). You will have her out on the road one fine day, and she will tell you her name...
    although it might be Radar Love... Grandpa


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