Friday, December 8, 2017

Dems Don't Understand What Moral High Ground Is

What it is:
You have the moral high ground if you consistently apply standards to yourself and your allies that are higher than your opponents. You must do this, even when it costs you a political advantage.
What it is NOT:
You do NOT have the moral high ground when the only reason you finally confront a profound failing is to gain political points. This is so, particularly if you have ignored crimes/indignities/moral offenses against others, because the offender is a reliable vote/voice for your moral crusades.
That moral high ground is especially shaky when your party prides itself on standing up for women, yet ignores serial harassment by your guys. When the evidence is clear, yet you fail to act - such as Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd making a "waitress sandwich", paying off (with public funds) those suffering harassment by your guys, or refusing to deal with known offenders, and settling for just warning women on your side to avoid being caught in private rooms/elevators with said offenders - you are enabling those guys to target the not-Elite women. 

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mentally "up voted." :)

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