Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A Letter to Former Gov. Mark Sanford

I know you're ticked off about Trump having ruined your re-nomination - it had to hurt.

You never were pro-Trump (he's just not cultured enough for you - not an Elite in manners). But you were steamed when he failed to support your attempt to return to the House.

After all, you supported him in 2016; you claim to have voted for his policies 89% of the time. That number can be disputed - other sources found that claim to be exaggerated.

But, see, here's the thing - it's less important to vote with the President, than to avoid unnecessary criticism. He gets a lot of that, BTW, and he probably thinks, "I don't need this guy to pile on!"

Loyalty is important to many people, Mark. It is especially important to Trump, a man whose battled a LOT of people who talk nice to his face, but stab him in the back. You probably consider it less important than dignity or reputation.

But, you might remember when you were at a low point - little dignity (due to the South American tootsie), and reputation in shreds. The GOP gave you another chance. Unlike the media, that reveled in blasting your actions, making a private affair a public disgrace.

BTW, most people weren't all that scandalized - we know politicians are as stupid and slimy as most of us - but, the media hyped the story because you were effective, and the Dems and RINOs wanted a crack at the job you vacated.

So, when all the "right people" tell you to take on Trump, I have just one word of advice.


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