Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The most important question of your life.

Here is a comment of pure excellence:
The contemporary Democratic Party has defined itself as a coalition of:
  • affirmative action activists
  • anti-American activists
  • anti-capitalist activists
  • anti-classical liberal activists
  • anti-Christian activists
  • anti-European activists
  • anti-free speech activists
  • anti-Israel activists
  • anti-Jewish activists
  • anti-male activists
  • anti-meritocracy activists
  • anti-Western activists
  • anti-white activists
  • Antifa
  • Arab activists
  • Asian activists
  • black activists
  • cultural Marxists
  • feminist activists
  • Hispanic activists
  • Indian activists
  • intersectionalists
  • LGBTQ activists
  • Muslim activists
  • open borders activists
  • Palestinian activists
  • people of color activists
  • radical leftists
  • reparations activists
  • social justice warriors
  • socialists
  • Third World activists
  • women of color activists
The odds of it ever regaining control of the center in American politics seem slim. It has made it clear that traditional American cultural groups are no longer welcome in the party.

At its core, the post-2016 Democratic Party is driven by overt hatred of straight white males of the type who have created Western and First World culture in the modern era — that is the relentless drumbeat that comes through loud and clear.

The Squad is the face of the contemporary Democratic Party — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. They seem to be clamoring for an outright civil war. They are confident that they will win that war because demographic trends are in their favor. They intend to overwhelm and obliterate their opposition through sheer numbers.

Where does this volatile situation, which goes far beyond questions about the political fortunes of Donald Trump, go from here?[1]

That last question is the one to which I refer and it is the only question that needs answering. At what point do economic illiteracy, media corruption, worship of foreigners and minorities, hatred of our ancestors, historical ignorance, feminist malevolence, mass immigration, Muslim sedition, and minority pathology and hatred actually cut the arteries of this (hitherto) remarkable civilization? At what point do you understand it in your bones that there is no loyal opposition, only people who hate everything about you and with every breath they take yearn to deprive you of your property, your sanity, your country, and your life?

This will be reversed either by

  1. a white epiphany that results in an electoral reversal of this situation that's been decades (if not a century) in the making or
  2. a violent score settling by patriots.
And what is the likelihood of the former when Western electorates time and time again give overwhelming support to their enemies?

These are the only two options.

Nothing is on the horizon that gives grounds for optimism. Not a damn thing. Debt "ceilings" are routinely punctured. Mass immigration continues unabated. Pointless, illegal war is the obsession of the Treason Class. Lesbians, freaks, and soy boys are the stuff of the nightly news. With painfully few honorable police department exceptions, AntiFa filth rule the public square absolutely, positively under the king's radar. But God forbid you should refuse to produce a "wedding" cake for two queers.

These are existential matters. If your wife asks if maybe it is time for a divorce, make no mistake that this is not a question that can be put off for later consideration at your leisure. How you answer that question is vitally important to you because if you answer incorrectly – or drift indecisively in the face of a massive problem – your life will never be the same again.

Make no mistake, how you answer Mr. McBride's question is of crucial importance to you and your loved ones.

I'll add my own related question. To what part of our current legal, political, economic, social, and cultural reality will you continue to give your assent? Consider, for example, whether subscribing to cable is giving aid and comfort to your enemies who have made the legacy media a firehose of slime to be spread over everything that you treasure?

[1] Comment by Sean McBride on "Democrats for Trump, 2020. The Cockatoo Can’t Win Without Them." By Fred Reed, ZeroHedge, 7/24/19 (emphasis added).

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