Monday, July 8, 2019

Food in the Future

I have certain topics I know something about, a lot of others I'm as ignorant as the average person (quite!), and a very small number of topics on which my level of knowledge exceeds most.

As a lifelong Ohioan (barring the last 14 years), I learned a lot about the crops of Ohio from a young age.

The # 1 crop being corn - which, I must say, is absolutely the BEST in the world!

Watt's Up is concerned about the corn crop - with some reason.

What I don't agree with is his belief that this crop crisis will inevitably lead to mass starvation in America.

Several things will likely follow the reduction in corn availability:

  • Some farmers will get wiped out - just as in every year, when SOME farmers can no longer sustain their farm.
  • Those that can manage to harvest a crop of any size will likely hit the jackpot. The corn prices will rise, and - unless they have already sold their crop for a set price (which many do) - they will benefit from the shortage.
  • Food prices will increase - very possibly double or more. Food processors will make substitutions, where possible.
  • Ethanol may just be forced out of production if the price of corn is too high. With oil at peak production, why dilute it with high-cost corn alcohol?
  • The price of whiskey will increase. Ditto the cost of snacks, all of which use: corn, corn alcohol (sugar-free gum), high-fructose corn syrup, et al. So, we might see a reduction in alcoholism (or, more probably, a switch to weed), and a serious slimming-down of the snack-addicted.
  • Exports will be reduced. As the domestic market will grab all the corn it can get, this will mostly affect foreign countries. There, famine and economic collapse, followed by rioting and destabilized governments, will likely become widespread. Expect the Leftists to try to take advantage of that.
  • Other crop prices - particularly those used for feed - will rise.
  • I'd invest in home gardening supplies, including seed.
  • Meat will, for a time, become dirt-cheap, as ranchers slaughter their herds to save on the cost of feed. Later, the price of meat will rise, so this will be a good time to learn how to smoke, dry, or can meat.

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