Thursday, July 11, 2019

Law as the enemy of normality.

Rules and laws were never meant to hinder the honest citizen nor put him at risk. They were meant to be the ‘line in the sand’ that helped define criminal behavior and reduced the number of criminals roaming free.

Fast forward to today and rules and laws are now applied to the honest citizen and criminal equally. I take that back. There is no equality in how the rules are applied.[1]

All the presumptions are against the citizen. Kill someone on your property or in a street confrontation, even if the deceased has a criminal record of violent offenses, and you're looking at serious legal difficulties. Saint Trayvon had problems are school with possession of burglar tools but the prosecutor pursued George Zimmerman as though he were distilled malevolence. If anything, Zimmerman was an example of public-spirited citizen involvement.

[1] Comment by Jim in Jersey on "His Name Is Joey Allen: White Convenience Store Worker, a Father of Four, Murdered in Salt Lake City by African Migrant." By Paul Kersey, The Unz Review, 7/8/19.

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