Friday, July 19, 2019

Quickies: Predictions Versus Reality

     I’ve just viewed the video embedded above for the first time. It’s largely a compilation of predictions of doom by left-leaning commentators, most of whom will be familiar to you, made immediately after Donald Trump’s surprising victory over Hillary Clinton in November 2016. And whatever your political leanings, the refreshment of your memory is worth thirteen minutes of your time.

     Compare all the forecasts of every sort of doom made in the video with reality as it stands. Which of the predictions of those left-liberals have proved correct? Which have proved incorrect? Finally, if possible, get a left-leaning friend to view the video with you. Do you think he’ll come to the same assessment as you just did?

     What if he remains on the side of those left-liberal commentators and doom-shouters even today, after two and a half years of major Trump Administration successes? If so, it would mean that he’s immune to factual evidence. I submit that that’s a gauge for the mess we’re in: a nation half of whose voters are seriously out of touch with objectively verifiable reality.

     Success at prediction is the only valid demonstration of knowledge. By my standards, that destroys any claim to knowledge the various commentators in the video might ever have made: about politics, about political economy generally, about foreign policy, or about the mind, temperament, and inclinations of President Donald Trump. Yet millions of left-of-center Americans will continue to believe every word shrieked from “progressive” talking heads’ mouths, and reality be damned.


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Sam L. said...

Idjits are idjits.