Wednesday, July 17, 2019

US strategy: Wage war, worship foreigners, avoid reality, more debt, coast.

But I have a question:

Why does the global economy need rescuing after 10 years of non stop monetary stimulus?

I also have an answer and it’s an unpleasant one. Because by bailing out markets and economies at every sign of trouble over the past 10 years central banks have given politicians license to do nothing. And nothing is what you get as political discourse fragments and majority solutions are impossible to come by.

But not only are majority solution impossible to get nobody even wants to even talk about them. Why? Because they involve pain. Voters don’t want to hear pain. Hence all you hear is free money. Tax cuts in 2016. Now we hear free college, health care and debt forgiveness for 2020 and who knows maybe more tax cuts.

Nobody wants to campaign on pain. I get it. But does anyone really think solving the structural problems that are behind slowing growth after 10 years of monetary stimulus are easily solvable?

* * * *

Debt ceiling? Nobody takes it seriously and the supposed enemies labeling each other currently as racists and socialists will suddenly find a solution and compromise to raise the debt ceiling. They always do. It’s always drama, and talk and hand wringing, but it never means anything.[1]

It's maddening the way the political swine can summon the will, time, and energy to get done what they really want done. Thousands of troops to Syria? Billions for war? Done and done. Troops for the southern US border? Can't have that. Please wait for our "comprehensive immigration law reform" package. Schedule? Jamais! Items to be addressed comprehensively? Water boarding wouldn't get it out of those toads. Not one troop on the border until we are clear on whether there should be an official Border Patrol no. 2 pencil. Our hands are tied, yo. Meanwhile, let millions of hostile, criminal, parasitic, unassimilable foreigners flow across the border like long lost cousins.

Bottom line: the nation is adrift with a bed sheet for a sail and the captain and crew despise the passengers and the vessel they control. Chance of fixing the engines? Zero. Of official betrayal? 100%.

Mr. Henrich also has this cheery thought:

Nobody is talking about structural solutions. Not the politicians, not the voters, not the central banks.

You know when structural solutions will be discussed? When it’s too late.

What we'll get for now is more debt. Yes, more debt. Hence the word "insanity" in the author's title. People like Ron Paul, Tucker Carlson, and James O'Keefe stand out for their willingness to discuss real problems but they might as well not exist. No, let's earnestly consider the views of Nancy Pelosi and the important issue of Donald Trump's tweets.

[1] "The Rise Of Insanity." By Sven Henrich, ZeroHedge, 7/17/19 (emphasis added).

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