Saturday, July 6, 2019

Quickies: Threatened By Freedom

     Everyone has his likes and dislikes. That, in itself, isn’t a problem. It’s the unwillingness to tolerate others’ likes and dislikes that causes problems.

     I know virtually nothing about Mastodon. Apparently it offers an open-source code base, available to anyone who’d like to use it, that simplifies the production of a “social media” site, and a federation of servers that will – under certain conditions – support the sites produced from it. So far, so good.

     The most recent version of Gab was apparently derived in part from the Mastodon code base. Gab’s developers are still refining it, solving problems, and introducing advanced features, which has some Gabbers a bit peeved. But no one on Gab is nearly as peeved as whoever wrote this:

     Hm. So apparently people who deviate from the Left’s prescriptions about “racism, sexism, and transphobia” aren’t allowed to express themselves, even to others of like mind. Well, that’s typical for the Left’s bilge about “hate speech,” though I’d have expected people bright enough to have created the Mastodon infrastructure to be somewhat more sensible.

     What pinheads such as the one who wrote the tripe above don't realize is that they are fomenting racism, sexism, etc. You cannot counter a conviction or an ideology if you suppress the expression of it. The sense of exclusion and oppression will help it to flourish. It will grow in the darkness, and you will lose all knowledge of its extent or its virulence. You will also lose any skill you might have at arguing against it. And one day, when it’s grown muscles and become confident, it will roar out of the shadows and take you by the throat.

     Full disclosure: By some definitions of the word, I’m a racist. That is, I’m aware of various statistical disparities among the races, some of which can be important in certain contexts. I’m not ashamed to speak of what I know, any more than an NBA franchise owner is ashamed to field an all-black basketball team. But these days, any deviation from conformance to Leftist goodthink is enough to draw the SJW crowd’s condemnation. I’ve been condemned often enough that these days I merely smile and say “Yes, I’m a racist. So what?” The PC / SJW hall monitors walk away baffled and angry – and I’m only the tip of the iceberg.

     The same goes for “sexist,” “homophobic,” “transphobic,” “ageist,” “ableist,” “lookist,” and all the other terms of condemnation the Left uses to silence those who differ with it. They have no idea the extent of the harm they’re doing. When the reckoning comes, the streets will run red with their blood.

     Would you like to get the bloodshed started? Ask the Mastodonites who pledge to the above for their opinions about the emerging drive to normalize pedophilia. Ask them if they’re aware of the strong and well-verified correlation between pedophilia and homosexuality. Ask them right out in the open, in front of God and everybody, then stand back and watch as the long knives are unsheathed. You’ll need more of a stomach for gore than I. Anyway, I have a lawn to mow.



I have been saying the same thing to people I know in meatspace.

I am not a racist. What I AM... is a raging culturalist. Western Civilization is the best civilization that has ever existed on earth.

When the Left suppresses speech like this, the feelings and thoughts behind the speech don't vanish - they go underground. Into one-on-one whispered conversations. Into small group meetings held with no electronics present. The feelings and thoughts become amplified in a resonance... and when they finally burst forth into public view, not only will TPTB be shocked at the virulence, the sentiments and thoughts will be unassailable because the people have worked themselves up into such a lather they can no longer be reasoned with or deterred.

Col. B. Bunny said...

There seems to be the greatest correlation between homosexuality and the desire to cavort on public streets wearing a jock strap and hair coloring that makes it look like the person's dad had sex with a cockatoo.

OK, I stole that image from a joke.

On the pedophilia issue I lived in the DC area in the early '90s. There was the Great Queer March on Washington replete with bare-bosomed fat lesbians on motorcycles on Constitution Ave., fisting movies show in government auditoriums, and, yes, a flyer that listed the North American Man-Boy Love Association as an approved participant.

On the issue of overall elite depravity, Diana West has a stomach-churning article on "sprit cooking" in DC. Anyone under 50 should request parental permission to read it.

jabrwok said...

Regarding the correlation between pedophilia and homosexuality, while I've read the assertion on numerous sites, and the "Desmond is Amazing" phenomenon certainly lends credibility to it, I've never seen any actual research on the topic.

Links to studies or analyses of the correlation would be welcome.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Jabrwok, I didn't argue that there is a link between homosexuality and pedophilia. I merely make the point that in that major homosexual event NAMBLA was a perfectly acceptable participant in the eyes of the organizers.

jabrwok said...

Col. Bunny, I was referring to Fran's comment in the post: "Ask them if they’re aware of the strong and well-verified correlation between pedophilia and homosexuality."

I hadn't read your comment when I posted my own.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Oh, pardon me. As usual, I thought it is all about me. :-)