Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Privatizing Tyranny

Ten people, directly connected to the progressive Democrat political machine who are now controlling our conversations online. Sounds like an important alarm, no?

What if I told you there were nearly a hundred more?[1]

Whoever came up with "privatizing tyranny" is a brilliant. The article below is fascinating and it sheds light on what is the central issue of our time. Private censorship is more dangerous even than mass immigration because absolutely anything can be done by our leftist revolutionaries if citizens' voices are swallowed up by the self-annointed conniving, dishonest, leftist zealots who run Big Tech.

Here's another excerpt from an article highlighting the same issue:

According to PJ Media, during a recent interview at this year’s Aspen Ideas Festival, Zuckerberg began to explain how the social media firm is attempting to work with the governments of other countries to determine what political speech should be allowed on the site. Zuckerberg gave an example of Facebook’s interaction with the Irish government ahead of a 2018 referendum on the legalization of abortion in the country.[2]
The picture of Zuckerberg accompanying the passage just quoted is of a soulless dweeb. He's not my idea of a red-blooded American and I don't want him deciding on what shaving cream I should buy let alone deciding what is or is not appropriate for anyone to say on the internet.

Trump is a disappointment to me on this issue, just as he is with the danger of Antifa, his understanding of his powers under Art. IV, Sect. 4 to repel a blankety blank invasion SHMG, his unwillingness or inability to point out that "health care" is a phrase found nowhere in Art. I, Sect. 8, and his stunning blindness on the issue of vote fraud. Inter bleeping alia.

On this issue, however, his lack of depth is disastrous. We already have a plutocracy and it's a terrible development to have free speech matters off loaded onto freaks like Zuckertrucker. Private tyranny is the perfect description of this spreading poison and Trump and his administration, true to form, are asleep at the switch.

Political cartoonists are missing an opportunity to show a massive freight train marked "Media giant censorship" blasting by with the sleeping switchman marked "Government defense of fundamental liberties."

[1] "Welcome To 'Social Government' - Privatizing Tyranny." By Spinquark, ZeroHedge, 7/15/19 (emphasis removed).
[2] "Zucked Again! Facebook's Founder Admits To Interfering In Political Speech." By Mac Slavo, ZeroHedge, 7/15/19 (emphasis removed).

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