Friday, August 23, 2019

And, Finally the Fog Lifts!

I had been struggling for most of the last year with mental fogginess and lack of energy/ambition. Not at all like me.

I was reading last week that Singular has been associated with Alzheimer's; Sarah Hoyt said that she'd been struggling with the same symptoms I had, and she'd eliminated the med.

I've been off for 4 days - what a difference! I whizzed through a load of tasks that had been hanging around for the better part of a month in just a few hours. I'd been working on the certification for insurance products, and just barely passing the tests, after several tries.

Today, first time scores of 96-100% - same type of tests.

I'm beginning to wonder just how much of elder senility and "senior moments" is due to such drug side effects. Yeah, I realize that, sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet in the short term, and accept unpleasant consequences, if it keeps you alive and healthy.

But, still. 4 freaking days, and it's like I'm myself again!

And, now, for a Disaster in Process - but, not really.

A bride and groom were just about to cut into their cake, when the table collapsed. Now, for some women, this would have been an occasion for screaming, crying, and histrionic emoting for social media.

Not this girl - she recovered nicely, and laughed off the mishap.

Now, that's a woman with a sense of proportion! I predict a long and happy marriage for this couple - she is clearly mature and sensible.


Lurking Reader said...

Statins (Cholesterol meds) do the same thing. They cause brain damage over long term use. When I got off those, the fog did lift and I never used them again.

pdwalker said...

there also seems to be a lot of evidence piling up against eating too much, and eating unhealthy food in general. maybe it’s time to have a change in diet.