Friday, August 9, 2019

YAMSBU - Yet, Another Mass Shooting, Blame Us

It never takes long - often, even before the bodies are declared dead.

"This is ALL Trump's Fault!"

"The GOP need to Shut Their Extremists UP!"

"Gun Control!"

The "experts" start pontificating about their favored solutions - take all guns away, pass MORE laws outlawing violence, add on EXTRA prosecution/civil penalties/H8 crime legislation, etc.

Larry Correia, author of Monster Hunter International (and many other books), has one of the best written answers to the gun-grabbers. No, his words will not persuade the passionately stupid, but little will. It is, however, important for everyone involved in the fight for the 2nd Amendment to familiarize themselves with the basic arguments.

The Dayton Shooter seems to have been a Lefty So, why is that Trump's fault?

The El Paso Shooter was, apparently, an environmental nut/ZPG preacher. Again, not Trump's thing, so why is it HIS fault?

For those eager to eliminate inconvenient Free Speech, I have a Double Salute.

Crude? Yes. But, Heartfelt.

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