Thursday, August 15, 2019

Let's End Lucy Republicans

"Lucy" Republicans can be identified by this:
No matter what they say about Leftists, when Push comes to Shove, they willingly support them against their own party.
Every time. 
Reminds me of this:

And, the Republican Party, of course, is Charlie Brown - eternally optimistic about the motivation of their colleagues.

Don't be like Charlie.

Even Lindsey Graham, the quintessential Charlie Brown for too many years, Hit the Wall.

He has largely stayed in his post-Bruce Banner, Hulk persona.

Don't be like Charlie. Be like Lindsey.


Tracy Coyle said...

I think most of us on the Right have hit that wall. Graham had a soapbox to vent his frustration from, you (Fran) have this forum. I bet most of us have somewhere to do so (in blog doesn't get enough attention as I tend to dole it out elsewhere...ahem..)

I gave up on the GOP in 2005. But here in CA, the GOP isn't charlie brown, who was a decent guy, they are Brutus, they are Arnold, they are a Sox fan on the Northside (Chicago joke, sorry). They are Pink Floyd's Dogs. Proudly...

Bolts are more expensive than rounds, but you can reuse them easier...just sayin...

Trumpeter said...

As for Lindsey, Never Trust a Never Trumper!