Saturday, August 24, 2019

NC: IF the GOP DOESN'T Reference This...

...they're giving the election away.

Despite being a large city, Charlotte, like much of NC, is still a relatively conservative Southern city. Most of the people living in and around Charlotte are hoppin' mad about the way that the increase in crime, and the general lack of maintenance of city amenities/services has left the city more and more looking just like any Northern slum.

So, the focus of city council and other legislators is more concerned about reassuring the Left that Charlotte is a Rainbow-y, Bend-Over-and-Welcome-the-Illegal-Aliens kind of a place, rather than deliver on responsibilities to their actual citizens.

Zoom in on this link to see the extent of REPORTED crimes, and compare to neighboring cities. Crime is not confined to the inner city, and is leaking out into the surrounding parts of the county.

Gov. Ray Cooper will not gain votes by vetoing this legislation that required local sheriffs to cooperate with ICE detainers. Many are tired of being fearful of assaults and robbery by those who have no legitimate reason for being here.

The McCready-Bishop runoff is Sept. 10th. It can't come too soon, as the ads are omnipresent. It's gotten so we keep switching from channel to channel to avoid the viciousness.

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daniel_day said...

Roy Cooper, and I hope they throw him out.