Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Topical And Terribly UnFunny

     Presented without comment:

     How certain are you that this isn’t going on in your kids’ schools?

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Mark said...

The idea that offense taken by these sorts of people can lead to violence isn't new. In a 2015 article in The Atlantic magazine, the authors (one of whom is a social psychologist) present the idea that the "safe space" movement in today's schools leads to what they term "vindictive protectiveness." A few key points:

"The ultimate aim, it seems, is to turn campuses into “safe spaces” where young adults are shielded from words and ideas that make some uncomfortable. And more than the last, this movement seeks to punish anyone who interferes with that aim, even accidentally. You might call this impulse vindictive protectiveness."

“Even joking about microaggressions can be seen as an aggression, warranting punishment.... When speech comes to be seen as a form of violence, vindictive protectiveness can justify a hostile, and perhaps even violent, response.

I firmly believe we are seeing the results of yesterday's indoctrination..., er, I mean, "education" playing out in today's news.