Thursday, August 29, 2019

Unexplicably, White Women Decline to Pay for their Debasement

Hmmm. Wonder why?

Must be racism.

At first, I thought this was over-the-top Babylon Bee-type satire. But, no - this Woman of Color (actually, of Indian descent - dot, not feather) actually expects her friends to take her to dinner - paying the whole bill themselves - for the rare privilege of spending that time, not enjoying the cuisine, catching up on life events, and just having fun.


They are to listen to a harangue. A monologue, with the subject of it being their Unbearable Whiteness.

After finding her friends rejecting, in polite White tones, that exquisite pleasure of PAYING for the privilege of hearing how they are the sole reason for her oppression, the writer, Saira Rao, is stunned. And surprised.

Apparently, she was inspired by a NYT essay, which she posted a link to on Twitter, along with an enthusiastic "YES". She has since created a group to subject White People to her, and other Women of Color (or not - take a look at the team on the site, and you decide) spewing hate towards them.

One of those women is named Bob Bland - can't find any indication that she is other than a woman, despite the name.

Whatever. There is more on the Woke Woman, Saira Pao, here.


Obama's boyfriend said...

Not all people are willing to indulge the insane, especially when infulging them involves entering a gas chamber.

ts said...

These race2dinner people - spent 5 minutes browsing their site - platitudes and zero meat, other that they seem to want white women to pay them to insult them. Is this some weird dominatrix thing we don’t have in flyover country? I don’t know where these people live, but it has to be NYC as this level of insane isn’t tolerated anywhere else but there. These ladies, and I use that term very loosely, have been indulged to the point they think that their hatred is something everyone has to accept. Whatever