Saturday, August 3, 2019

Our moral bankruptcy.

America’s willful ignorance when it comes to the use of its own military exposes the moral bankruptcy at the heart of its political culture. Even worse, it makes future wars all but inevitable.

If no one can remember a war [Iraq] that ended merely nine years ago, and there’s little room for Tulsi Gabbard in the Democratic primary, how will the country react the next time a president, and the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, declare that they have no choice but to remove a threat?[1]

Cost of Iraq war: $1.1 trillion. Justification: dishonest. Human cost: off the chart. American self-examination: nonexistent. American arrogance and illegal and unconstitutional warmongering: balls to the wall. Tulsi Gabbard: despised by the War Party.

[1] "Tulsi: A Living Reminder of Iraq’s Liars and Apologists. Gabbard calls out the betrayers; Dems try to forget their heroes Mueller and Biden are among them." By David Masciotra, The American Conservative, 8/2/19.

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