Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Short history of the last 100+ years.

Geez, total fail. CHS dude get a clue man. PROGRESSIVES own this suck and there is nothing conservative [can do] about it. "Neocons" is a misdirection word soft minded people use.

There are ZERO true founding father type constitutional conservatives anywhere in the US FEDGOV. Progressives took over everywhere about 1900 give or take and it's been downhill ever since. They have illegally grown the state in violation of the Constitution into the monster of tyranny we have now.

Founding Fathers America=no standing army on foreign soil, no intervention in other nations affairs, no income tax on citizens. NO alphabet agencies, no pencil neck poindexter government parasites looking over [anyone's] shoulders or telling anyone what they can or can't do.

Progressives broke the law to grow the state in America in violation of the [Constitution].[1]

The Bible speaks of tithing 1/10 of your income. Now some people pay more than 50% of what they earn in taxes and get to watch griters, morons, and their enemies decide on how their taxes should be spent.

Our country today operates on mere vestiges of our old freedoms. Progressives/ultra leftists are just getting warmed up to strip us of the remainder of our essential rights.

[1] Comment by Grimaldus on "Epstein Is The Deep State Civil War's First High-Profile Casualty." By Charles Hugh Smith, ZeroHedge, 8/12/19.

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pc-not said...

Good analysis. Classic frog in the warm water pot not aware of the increasing heat being turned up. I have noticed, as a student of history, that each generation sets a benchmark of assessment based on its existence. The reality of cultural norms and political behavior of the past is pretty much meaningless to most people. This phenomenon seems to have exponentially increased in proportion to the demise of history and civics being taught in public schools.