Monday, August 12, 2019

Day Off

     Dig this: The office of the New York City Medical Examiner announced that it has completed its autopsy on the late Jeffrey Epstein, but that it cannot determine the cause of Epstein’s death without additional information.

     Brain overheating. Fingers and toes spasming. Steam pouring out ears. Back tomorrow, I hope.


mobius said...

We know the cause, dipshit coroner can't figure method?

Francis W. Porretto said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the coroner were himself under threat, Mob. Politically New York City is a sewer, and its "justice system" the reification of Orwell's Ministries of Truth and Love.

Mike Doyle said...

Cause of death, or manner of death? The article isn't clear. Cause is the mechanism of what killed him;for example, "The cause of death was strangulation by ligature. A torn bedsheet tied around the victim's neck restricted air and blood flow, resulting in his death."

Manner of death is the classification of how that took place. Homicide, suicide, accidental- the classic gallows humor, "Fell, jumped, or was pushed."

I suspect the latter is the sticking point. Perhaps the ME is concerned with the political fallout making him the next case on the table...



Linda Fox said...

Some of the coroner's caution might be disinclination to rule in a way that subjects the city to lawsuits for failure to protect a prisoner.

But, yeah - fear of Arkanacide is a likely factor. The political pressure must be crippling their office.

The only way for this to come out is for the Clintons to die. Until then, their criminal enterprise will likely be able to exert sufficient force to close loose lips. But, after - yeah, the weasels will trip over themselves to unburden their skimpy consciences. Chelsea, the heir apparent, has neither the IQ nor the ruthlessness to control the fallout.