Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Warren Warns Trump about "Handsy" Behavior

How presumptious! Elizabeth Warren assumes that Trump would be salivating at the thought of coming into physical contact with her.

As if!

Here Liz is with RFK, Jr. - she is clearly the one reaching out with intent on being 'handsy' - if, by 'handsy' she means to go beyond a firm handshake (no more than 2 shakes, no other body parts touching).

Other recent photos with her clearly comfortable with non-marital touching.

In that picture of her embracing Julian Castro, I half expect them to retire to a Mexican restaurant
for chips and salsa, and many, many beers. Geez, get a room, Lady!

Maybe Trump could tweet out reassurance that he wouldn't touch her with a 10 foot pole.

Not his type.


syd B. said...

The only way my hand would ever get close to that woman would be if it had a tomahawk in it.

Obama's boyfriend said...

No one has laid a hand on her since she abandoned "white privilege" about forty years ago. Honest injun.